3 Top Reasons Why You Might Need a Bitcoin Tumbler (Mixer)

Do you have Bitcoins and sometimes feel that you might lose them in this age of increased cybercrime? This article is for you. 

While it is true that bad guys often use a Bitcoin mixer when transacting with Bitcoin, good and honest Bitcoin investors also have a lot to gain from using Bitcoin tumbling services. 

Keep reading this post for more information on the importance of a Bitcoin mixer for you.

Why You Might Need a Bitcoin Mixer

As earlier stated, Bitcoin mixing isn’t for fraudsters. You can use Bitcoin for making purchases, donations, and crypto-based payments on online stores. 
Now, three concernswhich come to play in this respect include:

  • 1.Privacy

  • 2.Convenience

  • 3.Security

Interestingly, all three issues have a close connection and we discuss them below. Read further.


Due to the fact that Bitcoin uses the Blockchain technology, it exposes its users to myriads of public drama or attacks such as nosiness or cybercrime. This, therefore, results in the need for a Bitcoin mixer.

Bitcoin cleaner is available for laundering or exchanging your coins using an untraceable source. Ultimately, your transaction history is out of public eye. 

You may also want to keep your transactions hidden from friends, family, and law enforcement agencies.

For example, you could pay for health services which you don’t want anyone to know about using Bitcoin which a tumbling service has mixed using their strong algorithm. 
In sum, the Crypto mixer ensures that every detail about your Bitcoin is entirely “your business” and away from prying eyes or speculators.


Another major reason why you might consider a Bitcoin mixer valuable is convenience. Many times, we want to pay for items and events, and we hardly want to draw unnecessary stares because of our Bitcoin balance. 

When you mix your Bitcoin balance with other coins from different sources, it becomes difficult for anyone on the blockchain to monitor your transactions. 

Closely tied to privacy is the fact that you can easily pay for purchases. Equally, you can make donations without people paying needless attention to you.


It’s a fact that the past decade has seen a rise in cybercrimes such as hacks and malicious attacks. Governments as well as individual investors have been victims of such criminal acts.

Bitcoin users are, hence, encouraged to seek every possible means to protect their investment and digital currencies. Now, the most reliable method is the Bitcoin mixer. 
How does it secure you? When you mix your coins, you tamper withthe true information about your Bitcoin wallet. In addition, your receiving and sending addresses become imperceptible.
Further, the best Crypto mixing services ensure that all personal information are deleted as soon as your transactions are completed.


In short, we’ve explained the three vital reasons why any Bitcoin user might want to mix their coins. 

Your Bitcoin balance and transactions are your business; so keep them private. You should enjoy the ease of making payments and donations without being known. Finally, you should never be afraid of criminals and hackers who only care about stealing Bitcoins.

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