7 Tips on How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Tumbler (Mixer)

Using third-party services to shield your Bitcoin sending or receiving addresses can be a big risk. This is why you must carefully select the best Bitcoin Tumbler (Mixer) when you decide to tumble your coins.

Now, what’s the big deal about mixing your Bitcoins? It’s a fact that the crypto space is crowded by as much spies as legitimate investors. Hence, you should do everything within your power to make the right choice for your investments.

What tips should inform your selection process? Find out below!

Criteria for Choosing the Best Bitcoin Mixer

  • Acceptable Fees

    Before you can confidently choose a BTC shuffler above the other, you need to ask questions about the fees. How high or low are the fees? Low fees range from 0.1% plus 0.00008 BTC per transaction to 5%.
    Overall, it’s important that the fees are reasonable and worth your while.

  • No Registration

    Some Crypto mixing services require registration before you can use their services. However, creating an account can be risky, as the services take some of your personal details and leave you feeling somewhat insecure. 
    Such information could be used in the future to trace your sending address and receiving address.Thus, we recommend using a Bitcoin mixer which doesn’t require registration. This way, you are safer.

  • Untraceable Transactions Post-Mixing

    After carrying out your transactions on a mixer, your information should normally be erased. Hence, it is important that all your data be deleted from the mixing service platforms as soon as you complete a transaction. 
    Any personal details which remain on their servers could be released to authorities or intercepted by spies. Hence, ensure that you choose a Bitcoin mixer which guarantees you an automatic deletion of all you order history within 24 hours at most.

  • Safety First, Green Bar, Secure Connection

    Anonymity is possible only when you trust the mixing service you pick. Safety is the only way to ensure full privacy. Now, some mixers can be accessed using their own URL and supported by a 2-factor authentication system.
    Furthermore, a secure connection implies that your coins remain clean and your transactions cannot be spied on.

  • TOR-friendly Website

    It’s really important for you to choose a mixing service which hosts its platform on Tor. Tor provides security and an SSL certificate. In addition, the level of security on such websites exceeds the average website and is absolutely reliable.

  • Positive Feedbacks

    Before you choose a tumbling service, read the reviews. You need to know what people are saying about a mixing service in order to make an informed decision on the authenticity of such laundering service. 
    And positive reviews are a clear sign of trustworthiness. Hence, make this a priority before you mix your coins.

  • No Logs

    The last most important criterion for choosing the best Bitcoin mixer is the logging policy. Blending services with a no logging policy have more authority as far as anonymity, security, and privacy are concerned.
    You need the confidence that all your data, addresses, and transactions are wiped off as soon as your conditions have been set. This is the true mark of anonymous mixing.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, we’ve discussed the seven most important factors to consider when you want to choose a Bitcoin mixer. 

When you find a service with low or no fees, no logging policy, TOR-friendly website, and other features explained above, go for it. Crypto Mixer is everything you need to shuffle your BTC with safety and peace of mind.