How to Stay Untraceable and Anonymous While Using Bitcoin

In the digital space, the issue of staying untraceable and anonymous is a big one. Yes, it’s true that Bitcoin is pseudo-anonymous and doesn’t include personal details.  But how can you remain fully anonymous while using Bitcoin?

While BTC transactions are done mainly with Bitcoin addresses, your IP address can be used to find your true information. How do you prevent all your Bitcointransactions from being tracked? Read further to find out more.

3 Tips on How to Stay Anonymous While Using Bitcoin

First, we’d like you to know that there’s currently no foolproof method to keep all your Bitcoin transactions 100% anonymous. Yet, below are four ways to improve your anonymity and security.

Use a Bitcoin Mixer

Recently, the interest in mixing services has increased. This is as a result of the negligible transaction fees and no logging policy associated with the best Bitcoin Mixer.

Now, to maintain your anonymity when using Bitcoin, you shouldn’t overlook Bitcoin mixers. With a mixer, you can keep your transactions private and easily make donations or payments.

Equally, mixers exchange your coins, thereby mixing up your sending and receiving addresses. The consequence of this is that criminals and law enforcement agencies cannot track your Bitcoin transactions.

Bitcoin mixing services are popular for guaranteeing privacy, security, and anonymity. Thus, choose the mostreliable Bitcoin blender for your anonymity needs.  

Use a TOR-supported Browser

The second most important way to buy and sell Bitcoins anonymously is by using a TOR-supported browser. The Tor-Onion Router has nodes which encrypt your internet activities and ensure that your address cannot be traced. 

Equally, this open network browser blocks your IP address and performs like a VPN so that all your Bitcoin transactions seem to come from another network.

Despite this advantage, it is advisable that you confirm that Tor works on your device before you use it.

Buy Bitcoin in Cash or Using an ATM

Buying Bitcoin in cash is the third most reliable way to stay untraceable and anonymous while using BTC. With LocalBitcoins, you can easily locate someone within your present physical location who wants to sell Bitcoin.

The perk with transactions done in person is that there are no transaction documents which can be traced to you. 

Nonetheless, take note of the following:

  • use a fake email address on LocalBitcoins

  • meet the person in an open area

  • don’t meet the seller in your personal vehicle

  • keep all personal information away from the seller.


Also, you can buy Bitcoins on an ATM using your debt card. This is also a reliable way to maintain your privacy while buying Bitcoins.

Final Thoughts

What you’ve read in this article emphasizes the need for you to stay anonymous while using Bitcoin. As we have shown you the steps to take to remain untraceable, we hope you’ll achieve excellent results with them.

Use a Cryptocurrency mixer, browse with a TOR router, and buy Bitcoin in cash. Your Bitcoin transactions are not public information; so, keep them away from prying eyes.

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