How Does Bitcoin Tumbler (Mixer) Actually Work?


This page provides the instructions and steps you need to takein order to master the use of the Bitcoin Mixer. 

First, we begin by describing briefly what Bitcoin mixing entails. Next, we present an easy-to-use guide on how Bitcoin blender works. 

Rest assured that these steps are clear and straightforward, and will guarantee you complete security and anonymity. This article answers all your questions about Bitcoin tumbler.
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How a Bitcoin Mixer Works

You’re aware that Bitcoin isn’t as anonymous as people believe it to be. To illustrate this fact, when you perform a Bitcoin transaction using a wallet which carries your identity, the transaction can be traced to you.

Since law enforcement bodies and the hackers are keen on finding real-life owners of digital currencies, your identity is important. 

Hence, how can you hide your identity from the public while still making purchases and storing money? How do you ensure that you watch out for tainted Bitcoins?

Use a Bitcoin Mixing service

Bitcoin tumblers break the link between your Bitcoin addresses – the withdrawal address and the deposit address. Consider the mixing service as the middleman who provides an address where you can send your coins into for mixing.

In other words, the mixing service is a safe system for transacting with Bitcoins. If you decide to mix your Bitcoins every single time you use Bitcoins, you can. And enjoying the many benefits of a Bitcoin mixer boils down to being knowledgeable about how it works.

Take the steps below and you’ll well be on the way to mixing your coins.  

Steps Involved in Using a Bitcoin Mixer

  • Step 1 – Choose a Reliable Bitcoin Blender
    The first and most important step to take when thinking of mixing your coin is to choose wisely. 
    With the many available mixing services that exist today, you need to do your assignment before you make a decision.
    Start by going through the offerings of a mixing service. If they sound too good to be true, don’t fall for it. It’s a scam.
    However, if you can find reviews which assert the credibility and authenticity of a Bitcoin mixer, then you’d be right to go for it.

  • Step 2 – Enter Your Withdrawal Bitcoin Address
    Your withdrawal Bitcoin address is another vital aspect of mixing your coins. When you do not provide your sender address, the Bitcoin Mixer will have no access to the coins you intend to mix. 
    Thus, in the available box on the main page, type your withdrawal address. This leads us to the next step.

  • Step 3 – Customize your Time Delay
    Setting the custom time delay allows you to describe when you want the coins to be picked and mixed. As a matter of fact, different custom time delays attract unique transaction fees.
    As a result, it’s important for you to set a time delay that suits the transaction you want the mixing service to perform.

  • Step 4 – Send Your Bitcoins to the Mixer’s Address
    In addition, note that the mixing service will provide a Bitcoin address where you need to send your coins to let the tumbler mix them.
    As you take these steps, remember to use the Tor browser in order to enjoy higher security and encryption.

  • Step 5 – Receive Clean and Untraceable Bitcoins
    The final stage involved in mixing your coins is to receive the clean, untraceable coins into your final destination.
    What makes this transaction imperceptible?
    The Bitcoin mixer uses an algorithm which tumbles your coins with those of clean BItcoins. In essence, you receive clean coins and enjoy privacy while transacting.

Additional Tips on Bitcoin Anonymization

Now, if you own Bitcoins already and these coins can be traced to your actual identity or email accounts, it would be safer to mix them. 

By mixing your coins, you reduce the chances of your coins being stolen or your identity being detected by spies, law enforcement agencies or hackers.

Another key area to consider is your choice of browser. The Tor Browser provides the maximum cover which you need to stay unnoticeable.

Equally, choose only a Bitcoin mixing service that doesn’t take any personal details or store cookies.

Always use more than two wallets when buying, sending, and receiving Bitcoins. While this process may be slightly cumbersome, it is essential to operate multiple wallets for the safety of your coins.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how the Bitcoin Anonymizer works, don’t delay any further. Do your research on the right mixing service. Understand their system and start mixing.

It’s up to you to stay anonymous and in control of your Bitcoins. Act now.

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