5 Best Recommendations to Keep Bitcoins Safe in 2019

With more people turning to digital currencies for financial security, the need to increase protection of Bitcoin is high. People no longer have to rely on popular currencies to transact businesses and buy products or services. Yet, how do you keep Bitcoins safe from criminals?

No doubt, Bitcoin holds more value than even the U.S. dollar. This implies that investors around the world are in search of all possible ways to keep their investment safe.

Below, we discuss five credible recommendations for keeping your Bitcoins away from thieves and other kinds of internet fraudsters.

Best Ideas to Keep Bitcoins Safe

  • Use Trezor Wallet

    Bitcoin wallets allow you to store your Bitcoins but physical wallets are best. With Trezor Wallet, you can brilliantly keep your Bitcoins from criminals without having to deal directly with the internet. 

    This wallet is a physical device which you can attach to your mobile device or computer whenever you want to view your coins.

    The perks with Trezor include easy access and the impossibility of hacks since it’s a device that you carry along with you at any time. It protects forgotten or lost passwords and offers two-factor authentication. 

    Yet, we recommend that you keep your password safe. Also, try not to keep huge amounts of coins on the device.

  • Leverage a Bitcoin Laundry in Tor

    Bitcoin laundering is another remarkable way to keep Bitcoin safe. Tumbling services enable you to perform transactions without revealing your sending or receiving address. 

    With the use of exceptional algorithm and artificial intelligence, some Bitcoin tumbling services allow you to make purchases, send coins to friends or loved ones, and make donations without being known.

    Because these services delete your personal information or transaction history as soon as your transaction has been made, you never have to worry about your identity being found.

  • Be Careful with Exchanges

    While it is true that exchanges which support the buying and selling of Bitcoin and other digital currencies are good, many of them are prone to hacks. 

    In fact, in recent news, the threat of a hack caused a New Zealand Crypto Exchange to go offline. Cryptopia announced this move on Twitter.

  • Keep Your Passwords Strong

    The stronger your crypto password, the more difficult it becomes for anyone to try to get into your account. It’s vital that you include symbols, upper case and lower case letters, and numbers in your passwords.  

  • Always Confirm Addresses

    When conducting Bitcoin transactions, you should pay careful attention to the addresses you send to. Any errors or misnomers in a website address can be a signal that you’re about to be scammed of your hard-earned coins.

    Hence, look closely at addresses before you send or receive money from them.


Take Home

In brief, there’s no denying the fact that Bitcoin is the most powerful coin in the crypto space. Yet, you shouldn’t ignore the need to keep your Bitcoins safe.

Pay careful attention to the five recommendations and tips above and you’ll never have to worry about hacks or human error.