Top 20 FAQ About Bitcoin Mixers Finally Discussed


All over the web, cryptocurrency enthusiasts are looking for answers to their questions about Bitcoin mixing. Many are interested in mixing their coins while others are unsure about the authenticity of this service.

We’ve done our homework and gathered the most popular questions that people are asking. Our clear and straightforward answers provide the information you need to stop stalling and start mixing.

This page comprises more than 20 FAQ about Bitcoin Mixers. The answers will enlighten you about Bitcoin Mixer since it provides the common questions about mixing services widely asked by users.

1.What is Bitcoin Mixing?

Bitcoin mixing involves mixing your coins with those of other users via a mixing service in order to remain anonymous and enjoy secure transactions. 

When you choose to mix, tumble, or shuffle your coins using a third-party system, you sign up for privacy and completely untraceable purchases, donations, and exchanges.

The ultimate goal of Bitcoin mixing services is to break the link between your withdrawal address and receiving address so that your Bitcoin wallet cannot be traced.

2.How long does the mixing process take?

The timing of the mixing process depends on your preferred custom delay. Custom delays generally span from 30 minutes to 1200 minutes. Hence, you can always set your custom delay to fit your needs at the time of the transaction.

This time delay feature enables you to decide when you want your coins to arrive. Since the time selection is up to you, it becomes difficult for anyone to trace your coins to a specific timeline.

Another important issue which you should consider here is the network confirmations. The Bitcoin mixer often has to confirm your transaction before moving the coins from the sending address to the destination address.  

At the end of the confirmations, your coins can join the pool and be tumbled after which you will receive newer coins. Note, however, that the volume of your Bitcoin may affect the network confirmations.  

3.How many network confirmations does a Bitcoin mixer need to accept transactions?

With three network confirmations, the Bitcoin mixer will allow your transaction to pass. In some cases, people may have to wait for up to six confirmations when using Bitcoins on other platforms. 

But this doesn’t apply to all Bitcoin mixers. The three verifications serve as a guarantee that the coins are clean and haven’t been tainted on gambling sites or similar platforms. At the end of the confirmations, the transaction is authorized.     

4.How long does an incoming address remain active?

An incoming address is valid for up to 48 hours after which the user will need to provide another address. This validity period is designed such that you can only use it for a single transaction. 

As a result of this 2-day period, it is important that you stick to unique incoming addresses per transaction.

5.Is it possible to reuse my incoming address?

You can use a single incoming address for only one transaction. This means that if you start a transaction will a specific incoming address, you should ensure that you complete that transaction with the same address.

And when the transaction is completed, you cannot use the incoming address a second time. The second transaction which will be considered as an error will not be processed by mixer. 

6.How do you guarantee privacy for mixer users?

With a no-log policy that implies that client information are deleted, the mixer keeps your transactions private. Within 24 hours of a successful mixing order creation, all your transaction information are removed from our servers.

In addition, our site is SSL protected; hence, it cannot be intercepted by malicious attacks or hacks. All our coins are untraceable and clean. Thus, you can rest assured that you are safe.

7.What is the minimum BTC amount I can mix?

The smallest amount you can mix using the mixing service is 0.003 BTC. 

Anything less than 0.003 BTC will be accepted as a donation. 

8.What happens if I send less than 0.003 BTC to the Mixer?

If you send any amount less than 0.003 BTC to the Bitcoin mixer, it will be considered as unfit for mixing. As a result, it will be accepted as a donation to the mixer’s services. 

9.How long does the mixer need to cleanse Bitcoins?

Our service normally has clean Bitcoins available. In essence, cleansing doesn’t take any specific time which would affect or slow down your mixing process.

All you need to do is specify your time delay (which is between 30 minutes and 1200 minutes). We encourage all users to set customize their time delay because it determines when your coins arrive and keep you completely unseen during anyBlockchain analysis.   

10.Do you store logs?

We do not store logs or request any personal information from clients. Our algorithm works in a manner that permanently deletes all transaction history as soon as the conditions of a specific order have been met.  

11.Do you keep support form requests?

We do not keep any form requests sent to our support team. Usually, such forms contain information which can be linked to an individual user. 

However, by deleting all support forms as soon as an issue is resolved, we ensure that our clients enjoy total privacy. 

12.What are your service fees?

Transaction fees range from 0.1% to 3.5% and this depends on the amount of coins that you intend to mix. Also, our fees are randomized. 

Randomized service fees are unpredictable fees which further confuse criminals that may be out to find out the specific mixer which a user chooses. 

When fees are fixed, it is easier for researchers to find the missing link between the amount they’re investigating and the fees which a mixer charges for transactions.

13.Why does a mixer charge randomized fee?

Randomized fees are generally harder to trace. Researchers, hackers, and criminals who may be out to find the real-life owners of Bitcoins may think of finding similarities between the fees charged by a mixer and the amount sent by a user.

But randomized fees are more difficult to figure out.    

14.Does your mixeruse a TOR network?

Yes, our website supports a TOR browser which is more complex than the Clearnet. Unlike Clearnet which focuses on securing you from criminals and snoopers but not legal authorities, the TOR network removes every trail which can be traced to you. TOR protects your identity almost 100%.     

15.Can I use a website with VPN?

Yes, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when mixing coins via a mixer shields your IP address and removes any actual information about your identity. The TOR network and the right VPN improve your anonymity and encrypt all your mixing requests on the mixer’s service. 

Hiding your activities and location adds an extra layer of security to your mixing activities.

16.Is this service restricted to people from specific countries?

Owners of Bitcoin in Canada and the United States are not allowed to mix with crypto mixer (MixerTumbler). Many mixers operate different codes which may not be acceptable or accessible in other countries or parts of the world.   

17.Is it possible to place few orders in bits?

Yes, you are free to mix your coins in smaller orders instead of in a single order. This enables you to receive them at different times and take more reasonable risks.

18.Does this service allow the mixing of huge coin volumes?

You can mix coins of high volumes on this mixer as we have different pools for different amounts. As a result, we provide reserves which can cater to vast coin amounts. You never have to worry about your coin being badly mixed or coming back as tainted.

Nonetheless, the service fees for the high-value pools are higher than smaller BTC.

19.What happens if my transaction closes suddenly?

Contact our support page if you encounter any problems while trying to place an order. Provide all the information you have and you will receive feedback as soon as possible. Our team will view the exchange process and carry out the necessary steps to complete the transaction.   

20.Is tumbling Bitcoins legal?

Different countries have different laws regarding Bitcoin. Bitcoin mixing is acceptable in some countries whereas some anti-constructing laws ban the mixing of huge amounts of coins. 

We suggest that you find out if mixing Bitcoin is acceptable in your country before you use our service.    

21.Why is Bitcoin not anonymous?

Bitcoin operates on the Blockchain network which is a public log which records all the activities of users. 

Since all transactions are visible to the public, your identity can be traced and seen by all interested individuals including criminals and law enforcement agencies.  

22.Is it safer to use Bitcoin via Bitcoin tumbling apps or to use anonymous cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin shufflers provide more guarantees than anonymous digital currencies which are still few and limited in their functions. Blenders, however, retain no personal data, keep no logs, and provide maximum pools for all amounts of coins.

Before you conclude on your preferred mixing service, be sure that all your doubts are cleared and the reviews are awesome. 

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